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Natural Stone Pavers

Natural stone pavers are a popular choice for external landscaping applications in Australia. Strong, beautiful and durable, natural stone pavers add a sense of style and luxury to any commercial or residential building project. Natural stone pavers can be used around the house, garden, driveways and poolside areas. Choose from a range of stone styles, including limestone, granite, travertine, bluestone, sandstone, crazy paving and more.

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Natural Stone Pavers

Paver Sandstone Teakwood Sandblasted

Teakwood Sandblasted Sandstone is perfect for bringing any project to life. Its sandblasted surface exudes warmth and colour, while its superior slip resistance

Paver Granite Jet Black

These Black Granite pavers are a strong and dark natural granite paver with an exfoliated non-slip finish. This paver is ideal for any exterior surface

Cobbles Bluestone Tiev

Tiev Bluestone Cobbles come in sawn finish which that has great slip resistance and is ideal for driveways and paths. The cobbles come on mesh

Cobbles Granite Regent Grey Exfoliated

Regent Grey Granite Cobbles have an exfoliated finish that has great slip resistance and is ideal for driveways and paths. Regent Grey Granite

Cobbles Granite Regent Grey Handcut + Tumbled

Regent Grey Granite Tumbled Cobbles are first split and then tumbled to produce a unique aged cobble that makes any driveway a feature.

Cobbles Granite Regent Grey Herringbone

Regent Grey Granite Cobbles are now available in a herringbone pattern. The cobbles have a tumbled finish and are sold on mesh. Herringbone

Cobbles Granite Sunset Gold

The beautiful soft colour tones of the Sunset Gold will bring a soothing touch to any application. It will work equally as well in a coastal

Cobbles Italian Porphyry stone

Italian Porphyry cobbles on mesh are a beautiful and practical choice of natural stone material. Cobblestone is a timeless building material

Cobbles Quartzite Casablanca

Casablanca quartzite cobbles have a split face finish and are ideal for driveways, paths or outdoor entertaining areas. Available in a range of


Timeless Elegance Meets Durability

Welcome to Hayters Timber and Paving, where we invite you to discover the perfect blend of natural beauty and lasting resilience with our exquisite collection of natural stone pavers. Whether you’re designing a picturesque patio, a captivating walkway, or a stunning garden pathway, our handpicked natural stone pavers are crafted to transform your outdoor space into a timeless masterpiece.

Each paver in our selection has been carefully sourced to ensure it exudes the unique charm of nature while standing up to the tests of time and weather. Explore the enduring allure of our natural stone pavers, and let your imagination craft outdoor spaces that will leave a lasting impression.


For Natural Stone Pavers

We offer a handpicked collection of natural stone pavers known for their exceptional quality and stunning aesthetics, ensuring your outdoor project will stand out with timeless beauty and durability.

Our knowledgeable team is ready to provide expert guidance and personalized support, helping you choose the perfect natural stone pavers and offering valuable insights to make your project a resounding success.
We take pride in responsibly sourcing our natural stone pavers, prioritising sustainability and ethical practices to minimise the environmental impact and support fair labor conditions in the industry.


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