Synthetic Grass

Impeccable Aesthetics, Minimal Effort

Effortless Elegance with Synthetic Grass by Hayters Timber & Paving

Achieve a pristine, low-maintenance lawn effortlessly with our range of artificial grass. Ideal for those seeking a hassle-free, immaculate lawn without the continual upkeep, synthetic turf stands as the ultimate alternative.

Synthetic grass has evolved remarkably, often mirroring the aesthetics of real grass while offering an array of benefits for your family and the environment. Beyond year-round perfection, it conserves precious water resources, eliminating dry patches and grass-related allergies. Furthermore, it reduces expenses on fertilizers, composts, and lawnmowers.

Today’s artificial grass complements any backyard setting and pairs seamlessly with features like swimming pools, timber decks, or concrete pavers. Its durability withstands substantial foot traffic, making it an ideal choice for bustling households.

Explore Hayters Timber & Paving’s range of synthetic grass to effortlessly elevate your outdoor space. Say goodbye to lawn maintenance and welcome the enduring beauty of artificial turf.

Our Range

Synthetic Grass

Urban Buffalo Synthetic Grass

Urban Buffalo 40 Synthetic Turf is a very natural looking product providing durability and comfort using state of the art polyethylene multi-filament

Urban Windsor Synthetic Grass

Urban Windsor Synthetic Turf has a lush 35mm pile that delivers a real lawn look. The UV protected polyethylene yarn ensures durability

Urban Bayside Synthetic Grass

Urban Bayside Synthetic Turf is a very natural looking product providing great durability and comfort year round. The UV protected

Urban Ascot Synthetic Grass

Urban Ascot Synthetic Turf has a 25mm pile height and combines real lawn looks with affordability. Using state of the art UV protected

Synthetic Grass Seam Tape Roll

Urban Turf Synthetic Grass Seam Tape is used during the synthetic turf seaming process, and should be applied in conjunction with turf adhesive.

Synthetic grass Pegs – 20 Pack

Urban Turf Synthetic Grass Turf Pegs are used for securing all types of synthetic turf and are extra beneficial when laying synthetic grass on

Synthetic Grass Cleaner

Urban Turf Synthetic Grass Cleaner is a super concentrated artificial grass cleaner that helps clean and elminate odours on synthetic grass.

Synthetic Grass Adhesive

Urban Turf Synthetic Grass Adhesive secures synthetic grass to hard surfaces. It is water resistant, easy to use and is a premium bonding agent.  


Benefits of Synthetic Grass for Your Outdoor Haven

Enjoy a lush, visually appealing lawn without the laborious upkeep associated with natural grass. Our synthetic turf offers year-round perfection, sparing you the hassle of mowing, watering, and dealing with dry patches.

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, synthetic grass serves as an eco-conscious choice, conserving water resources. Additionally, it eliminates the hassles of grass-related allergies, making it a family-friendly option.

Complementing various backyard features, synthetic grass pairs seamlessly with swimming pools, timber decks, or concrete pavers. Its durability withstands heavy foot traffic, making it a resilient choice for active households.

Why Choose Hayters Timber & Paving

for Synthetic Grass

Our seasoned team of experts is dedicated to guiding you through the selection process, ensuring you discover the perfect synthetic grass that seamlessly integrates with your outdoor aesthetics.

Rest assured, Hayters Timber & Paving sources synthetic grass of the utmost quality. Each product undergoes stringent quality checks to guarantee durability, authentic aesthetics, and prolonged longevity. Our commitment lies in providing synthetic grass that mirrors the natural look and feel of real grass.

Benefit from our professional installation services, where precision meets perfection. Our experienced team utilises meticulous techniques to install synthetic grass flawlessly, ensuring a polished finish that elevates the allure of your space.


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