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Hayters Timber & Paving stock a range of finishing and decking oils, specially made to keep your timber deck, garden furniture and other timber surfaces looking their very best. Given the substantial investment you’ve just made to install your timber deck, fence or furniture, it pays to maintain its condition to reduce maintenance and expensive repairs or replacement.

A good quality decking or finishing oil will not only nourish and protect your timber against the elements, unlike paint, decking oil also penetrates deep into the pores and between the joints and connectors of your timber to prevent moisture damage.

Not sure what oil to use for your timber care needs? Talk to one of our experienced team members at your local Hayters Narellan or Mittagong store.

Our Range


CUTEK® Extreme CD50

CUTEK® Extreme CD50 is a high-performance, oil-based wood stabiliser with a unique self healing effect. Penetrating deeply into timber, CUTEK®


CUTEK® LowVOC is an environmentally friendly decking oil that looks and performs the same way as CUTEK® CD50, however, the low volatile organic

CUTEK® Extreme

CUTEK® Extreme is best used for when you need a professional grade finish. A high performing timber protection decking oil, CUTEK® Extreme has

CUTEK® Wood Preservative

CUTEK® Wood Preservative is an oil based wood stabiliser used for the pre-treatment and remedial treatment of exterior wood in industrial and domestic

Haymes Natural Decking Oil

Haymes Natural Decking Oil is an easy to use natural timber oil formulated to protect exterior timber against weathering. The transparent finish penetrates

Haymes Woodcare Exterior Varnish

Haymes Woodcare Exterior Varnish is a high-gloss finish that incorporates advance UV protection for enhanced, long-lasting performance. The durable

Haymes Simply Woodcare Rapid Prep

Haymes Woodcare Rapid Prep is a simple to use, one step preparation product for new bare exterior timber. Rapid Prep removes surface tannins and extractives

Haymes Woodcare UVEX Finish

Haymes Woodcare UVEX Finish is a premium exterior timber finish that is UV and mould resistant. A long-lasting finish that protects timber against cracking

Haymes Woodcare UVEX Primer

Haymes Woodcare UVEX Primer provides adhesion, water repellence, mould and fungal protection while stabilising your timber surface in preparation for


Nourish and Protect Your Timber Assets

Hayters Timber & Paving houses a collection of finishing and decking oils designed to maintain the impeccable condition of your timber investments. Whether it’s timber decks, fences, or furniture, our range is specifically crafted to provide nourishment, protection, and longevity to your wood surfaces, ensuring their lasting appeal.

Invest in the longevity of your timber surfaces with our high-quality oils. Unlike paint, our decking oils deeply penetrate the timber pores, safeguarding against moisture damage and weathering. This unique ability to permeate the wood ensures comprehensive protection and nourishment, preserving the structural integrity and aesthetic allure of your timber installations.

Uncertain about the right oil for your timber care needs? Visit our local stores in Narellan or Mittagong and consult with our experienced team members. Benefit from their wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure you select the most suitable finishing or decking oil tailored to your specific timber maintenance requirements.


Why Choose Us For Oils

Access a range of oils specifically formulated for timber decks, garden furniture, and various timber surfaces, ensuring optimal maintenance and longevity.
Invest in oils that penetrate deeply into timber, offering protection against moisture damage and weathering while nourishing the wood for lasting appeal.

Visit our stores for personalized advice from our experienced team members, ensuring you choose the right oil to maintain your timber investments effectively.


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