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Discover the convenience of pre-cast concrete—a swift, hassle-free, and cost-effective landscaping solution perfectly adaptable to diverse garden designs. With pre-cast products readily created, there’s no delay in forming, framing, pouring, or curing, allowing you to commence your landscaping project promptly. Not only does pre-cast concrete offer swift initiation, but its consistent and uniform nature, crafted from recurring moulds, ensures reliability. These products boast enhanced durability, often surpassing other concrete variants in longevity.

Explore Hayters Timber & Paving’s assortment of pre-cast concrete landscaping products. From versatile edging to mowing strips, tree rings, stepping stones, reinforced and non-reinforced plain slabs, steps, risers, treads, and car stops, our range caters to various landscaping needs. Curious to learn more? Engage with our team at the Hayters Narellan or Mittagong stores for comprehensive insights.

Our Range of Products

Pre-Cast Concrete

Standard Concrete grey slabs

These plain grey concrete slabs are versatile, durable and economical. Suitable for a range of landscaping applications, these easy to install paving slabs

Concrete Mowing Strips

Concrete mowing strips are a quick and economical way to to help keep edging straight and controlling weeds in your garden. They are

Concrete Garden Edging

Concrete garden edging provides an economical and quick way to create a division of space between your lawn and garden areas. The lipped design

Concrete Steps & Risers

Create an impressive wide entry stairway or simply add a small set of steps to your landscaping project with our range of pre-cast concrete

Concrete Landing Slabs

Precast concrete landing slabs for use with precast concrete stairs & risers.  

Concrete Tree Surrounds

Concrete tree surrounds are used to divide a tree’s ground area from surrounding grass for a neat & tidy landscaping look. An easy way to create an

Concrete Stepping Stones – Kidney

Add an interesting element to your next landscaping project with these pre-cast cement kidney-shaped stepping stones. Ideal for defining pathways

Concrete Car Stops

Precast concrete car stops are used to create a barrier for a car to move any further forward when parking. These car stops are steel-reinforced


Versatile Pre-Cast Concrete Landscaping Solutions

Experience the ease and efficiency of landscaping with pre-cast concrete. Unlike traditional methods, these ready-to-use products eliminate the wait for forming, framing, and curing, allowing for immediate project commencement with precision and convenience.

Benefit from the uniformity and reliability of pre-cast concrete products, manufactured consistently using standardized moulds. Their robust nature ensures durability, offering long-lasting solutions that surpass other concrete variants in endurance and longevity.

Explore Hayters’ array of pre-cast concrete landscaping products designed to cater to multifaceted landscaping requirements. From edging to mowing strips, tree rings, stepping stones, slabs, steps, and more, our comprehensive range provides solutions for varied landscaping endeavors.

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Hayters Timber & Paving presents a diverse range of pre-cast concrete solutions, ensuring swift initiation, consistent quality, and durability to elevate your landscaping projects. Visit our Narellan or Mittagong stores for expert guidance and a comprehensive product range.
Benefit from immediate project start with pre-cast concrete, bypassing the usual wait times for forming and curing.
Rely on consistent and uniform products crafted from standardized moulds, ensuring reliability and durability.
Explore a diverse array of pre-cast concrete products designed to meet various landscaping needs, all available at Hayters Narellan or Mittagong stores.


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