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At Hayters Timber & Paving, timber is in our blood. The Hayter family’s relationship with timber dates all the way back to 1817 and since then, the Hayter name has become synonymous with reliable, high-quality timber work.

If you live in southwest Sydney or the Southern Highlands, then Hayters Timber & Paving is your go to timber specialist. Our retail stores have been supplying a range of timber and landscaping products for over 40 years. Over this time, we have designed, manufactured and installed timber solutions of all shapes and sizes for our customers, as well as providing advice on which materials work best in different environments.


Our Quality Range

Timber Products

Treated Primed Pine

Treated primed pine is a durable and versatile wood product that has undergone a preservative treatment and priming process

Structural Pine

Structural pine, known for its exceptional strength and load-bearing capabilities, is the ideal choice for constructing stable and reliable frameworks

Treated Pine

Treated pine, preserved with chemicals to resist decay and pests, offers a long-lasting and cost-effective solution for outdoor projects.

Primed Pine

Primed pine, with its smooth and paint-ready surface, simplifies the finishing process, making it the perfect choice for achieving a polished and customized look.

Untreated Pine

Untreated pine, with its natural and rustic appearance, is a versatile wood option often chosen for interior applications where the wood’s character can shine.

Cypress Pine

Cypress pine, known for its durability and resistance to decay, is a popular choice for outdoor and structural applications, such as decking & fencing


Hardwood, prized for its exceptional strength, durability, and rich grain patterns, is a premium choice for a wide range of applications.


Plywood, a versatile engineered wood product, offers strength and stability, making it an essential material for construction.


Firewood, carefully seasoned and prepared, provides a reliable and sustainable source of heat and ambiance for indoor & outdoor fires.

Special Makes

We offer tailored and unique wood products, custom-crafted to meet your specific design and project requirements


For All Your Timber Needs

Sustainably sourced timber

We source all of our timber from renewable plantations because we understand the impact that our work has on the world around us. We strive to be conscious of this impact and work to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

A range of timber products

Hayters Timber & Paving supply DAR (dressed all round timber), rough sawn (straight off the saw) and rougher headed (micro-grooved after milling to increase the surface area and stabilise the timber) timber to suit a wide variety of building & construction applications.

Choose from a comprehensive range of timber products, including treated pine, treated & primed pine, primed pine, Cypress pine, hardwood timber, and plywood. If you’re not sure what timber to get for your building or landscaping project contact our Narellan or Mittagong store and we’ll help you find the right timber supplies for your needs.


For Our Timber Products

At Hayters Timber, we prioritize quality in every aspect of our timber products, ensuring that you receive consistent, reliable, and high-grade wood materials for your projects, guaranteeing long-lasting results.
We are committed to environmentally responsible practices, sourcing timber from sustainable forests and adhering to eco-friendly production processes, making Hayters Timber a responsible choice for both your projects and the planet.
With our wealth of industry knowledge and the ability to provide custom solutions, Hayters Timber offers expert guidance and tailored products to meet your specific requirements, ensuring your projects are a perfect fit for your vision and needs.


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